The DigitallyProbedLeif Method of #SocialMedia #Advertising

Howdy folks, I’m DigitallyProbedLeif.  And I’ve got my nose stuck so far up The Nancy Twins butts, that you can see my nostrils if they say “ahhh.”

Just kidding, and I digress.

I’m here to teach you the DigitallyProbedLeif method of leadership and advertising.

  1.  Never take “No” or “Don’t email me anymore please”, for an answer.
  2. Be sure to email again and again, even after blocked on social media sites, and if they block you, report them to their ISP for “email abuse.”
  3. Be sure if questioned about your Leader package at EmpireKred that you try to deny you are a leader there.
  4. When running false advertising, be sure to promote yourself as a “social sales rock star.”
  5. Make sure when talking to someone that knows far more than you about the subject matter to insist you yourself are the “objective one” and they are clearly “subjective.”
  6. Be sure to not deliver on your promises over the course of a month or so.
  7. Once questioned why you haven’t delivered, only give that product or endorsement to the 3 highest ranked people on your list or deliveries to be made.
  8. Be sure to call people, “Al Gore Hunting Manbearpig” when wrong because you just can’t accept objective and very direct criticism.
  9. Make sure to complain to higher authority that your false advertising is being openly discussed, even as it’s being run on a sit that claims to prohibit such content.
  10. Spam celebrities with weird pictures of yourself and argue with them after they object to your tweeting them.
  11. Make a general ass of yourself by attacking celebrities on Twitter.
  12. Try to switch context so it seems as if you’re the victim for having your false advertising pointed out.
  13. Never let them see you sweat, and most of all, never admit that you continued to run false advertising even after Klout confirmed you were wrong.
  14. Have some crazy lady who is hiding from investigators try to protect you from social media news by trying to obtain a restraining order.
  15. When that fails, continue to cry about having your false advertising discussed in the context of an organization with a 4 year history of attacking their own customers, having a “goon squad”  and that you’re a leader in.

In this way you can prove your goon squad bonafides!  And be a world leader in the bottom run of the social media marketing and advertising ad space!

Happy Halloween From DigitallyProbedKeith!

Next week, The FTC, False Advertising and You!

Here’s a hint:

  1.  Have a “backdoor” in programming so those pesky FTC regulations can be bypassed!



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