Twitter, Trolls and Abuse of “Core Users”

According to former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, Twitter sucks at dealing with abuse and trolls.

We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform and we’ve sucked at it for years. It’s no secret and the rest of the world talks about it every day. We lose core user after core user by not addressing simple trolling issues that they face every day.


Part of the question is what does Twitter consider a “core user”?

Is a verified twitter account a “core user?”


Does one tweet from Josh Scott Jones mean Keith Gill can heap abuse upon him?


Keith Gill, AKA @DigitalKeith is a leader at EmpireKred.

(Ms.  Northey is a customer of EmpireKred’s as well.)

Gareth Davies (@me_gareth) is also a leader at EmpireKred and cannot be blocked.  This renders a key @safety feature of twitter’s null and void.


According to Chris Voss of the Chris Voss Show, nationally recognized social media expert,

Over 5 posts on my blogs I documented issues with Empire Avenue, from their rogue volunteers, running a “wall of shame” on Brands, attacking Brands reputations online, not answering complaints, having a “goon squad” of endorsed volunteers attacking customers who complained, refusing to discipline internally thereby encouraging more attacks on Brands, etc. What I witnessed was the worst travesty in the annals of customer service I have ever seen. After a month of private discussions with EA to change things, I went public. Only then did they begin to change, but the attacks on me and others grew by their “goon squad.” In the end, I went to EA’s Angel Investor and EA had to shut down its Chat Room and Chat Mod “goons squad.” EA shamelessly has never apologized or produced it damning chat logs as promised by their CEO. This is one of those posts, you can read the rest by Search in the upper right for ‘Empire.’ Don’t play EA or if you do save your REAL money.


Abuse by these 2 (and a few others from Empire Avenue) lead to an CA DoJ inquiry into Twitter (PIU x-ref 615640) and the SF DA’s office twice intervened.

Gareth Davies has been suspended by twitter for tweeting a customers private information (doxing) and violent threats.  He was warned again for violent threats.

Keith Gill has been moderated by Instagram for cyberbullying and had his twitter account locked (exact cause unknown, though this “locking” seems to have replaced indefinite suspension).

Keith Gill (@digitalkeith) claims “cybersecurity” as expertise on his Klout profile…



Additionally Chris Sandys (@usafa_93) also a leader at Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) has been warned for non violent threats by twitter.



This is @wanderinpoet, reporting as always!


12302914 letter DOJ redacted Capture3 Capture



WanderinPoet Reporting Cyberbullying 5312014


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