Leader at @EmpireKred & Internet Predator Gareth Davies (@me_gareth) Cannot Be Blocked on @Twitter

Gareth Davies, a leader of Empire Avenue (now EmpireKred) has tweeted to Empire Avenue Brand Manager/Admin Steven L. Johnson that he cannot be blocked on Twitter.

This renders a key safety feature designed to protect people from predators like Gareth Davies null and void.


Twitter has been made aware of this safety flaw, however EmpireKred’s non response to Gareth Davies ability and willingness to threaten and dox EmpireKred’s own customers is telling.

Gareth Davies has an extensive history of doxing EmpireKred customers, and has been suspended for tweeting a customers private information, violent threats, and non violent threats.

Chris Sandys (@usafa_93) also a leader of EmpireKred’s has been warned for violent threats.

Keith Gill (@digitalkeith) has been moderated by @instagram for cyberbullying.

Keith Gill HarassmentBullying Instagram Gareth Davies Violent Threats Warning Gareth Davies Violent Threats Suspension Gareth Davies Private Information Suspension Chris Sandys Non Violent Threats Warning


According to Chris Voss of The Chris Voss Show, a nationally recognized social media expert,

“Over 5 posts on my blogs I documented issues with Empire Avenue, from their rogue volunteers, running a “wall of shame” on Brands, attacking Brands reputations online, not answering complaints, having a “goon squad” of endorsed volunteers attacking customers who complained, refusing to discipline internally thereby encouraging more attacks on Brands, etc. What I witnessed was the worst travesty in the annals of customer service I have ever seen. After a month of private discussions with EA to change things, I went public. Only then did they begin to change, but the attacks on me and others grew by their “goon squad.” In the end, I went to EA’s Angel Investor and EA had to shut down its Chat Room and Chat Mod “goons squad.” EA shamelessly has never apologized or produced it damning chat logs as promised by their CEO. This is one of those posts, you can read the rest by Search in the upper right for ‘Empire.’ Don’t play EA or if you do save your REAL money.”


In fact, Team Leader Nance Larson tweeted that Gareth Davies is not in a position of leadership at Empire Avenue, an abject lie.

She also denied her own position as a leader.

Nance Larson Not In Marketing Department


Nance Larson Gareth Davies Not A Principal

Gareth Davies Leadership At Empire Avenue


Does Gareth Davies do no work in marketing or other departments because he is the “Goon Squad”?

Keith Gill, also a leader at Empire Avenue displays no critical thinking ability and denies his own culpability as a member of Empire Avenue’s leadership.

Keith Gill Lies About Authority


Keith Gill Leadership Badge


When seemingly responsible authority will not act, it’s clear that this is a business that is out of control.

Empire Avenue advertised their leaders package on twitter and other social media platforms as follows,

“Did you wonder WHY the community was called Empire Avenue Leaders? It’s simple. Starting now, the Leaders are RUNNING Empire Avenue’s marketing, recruitment, and retention programs. The technical staff will continue to support the platform, manage the database, and provide normal tech support. Beyond that – it’s up to US to chart the marketing course to get to 2000 leaders. Longer term, Leaders may have an even greater influence on the platform’s future functionality.

This is a truly amazing opportunity. The Empire Avenue Leaders will develop and test new marketing messages, new ways to recruit – and retain – new members, and new ways to interact with each other. Plus, we can explore new ways to make the game fun and rewarding for all.”


It’s amazing that the leadership of EmpireKred will not deal responsibly with the abuse and predatory acts agains their own customers.

The EmpireKred “Goon Squad” took their abuse on Twitter against customers, which triggered a CA DOJ investigation into Twitter’s handling of the matter, and the San Francisco District Attorney’s office intervened twice.

With Kred purchasing Empire Avenue and changing the name to EmpireKred, one would have hoped that a change of leadership would take place, however customers still report witnessing cyber bullying and being suspended for asking Kred to fix bugs.



3 thoughts on “Leader at @EmpireKred & Internet Predator Gareth Davies (@me_gareth) Cannot Be Blocked on @Twitter

  1. Re: Empire Avenue now known as EmpireKred.I am ended of the old adage, “oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” What a mess! Because NO one would accept responsibility for customer abuse.


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